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We aim to support and establish new or upgraded natural gas service to central Pennsylvania businesses and residents in an environmentally responsible and cost-effective manner to promote economic growth, cost savings, and the use of cleaner energy sources in areas where such service is not currently available.


The Cooperative promotes and provides natural gas to unserved and underserved customers in central Pennsylvania.



Meeting the needs and desires of our members for a more cost-effective source of energy;

Honesty, transparency, and responsiveness in our dealings with members;

Being environmentally conscious in our deployment and operation of our natural gas infrastructure; and

Conducting our business in the highest ethical manner possible.

Plan, Design, Build, and Maintain Delivery Infrastructure

The Cooperative will work with project partners to develop and deliver natural gas delivery system projects for appropriate targeted investment areas in its geographic region.  This will involve all aspects of project development, from identifying suitable candidate areas through planning, design, building, and maintenance of delivery infrastructure.

Facilitate Economic Growth

One of the most important objectives of the Cooperative is to facilitate economic growth through job creation and retention.  While this objective primarily applies to non-residential projects, providing these economic benefits will filter down to individuals who work for entities who receive new natural gas services.

Deliver Safe and Reliable Utility Services

Safety and reliability in providing natural gas to Cooperative customers will be our highest priority.  For infrastructure it owns and operates, the Cooperative will follow the same relevant government-mandated safety regulations instituted for regulated utilities in Pennsylvania, and develop and/or participate in safety education programs directed toward our members.  We will strive to provide reliable services to customers in all ways.

Seek Available Project Funding

Available funding will be sought fro a variety of sources, both public and private, to facilitate project planning and implementation. Grant and equity funds will be evaluated for applicability and applications will be submitted.

Provide Cost Savings and Competitive Rates

For infrastructure it owns and operates, the Cooperative will strive to provide cost savings to its member-owners, compared to other mainstream energy sources, and to offer comparable rates compared to other natural gas providers in Pennsylvania.

Address Local Needs

Because the Cooperative is member-owned, member viewpoints and ideas will drive its operations.  Determination of targeted investment areas and infrastructure and other issues will be guided by the Board of Directors but ultimately decided by member vote in a true democratic process.

Maintain Financial Viability and Promote a Self-Sustaining Revenue Stream for New Services

The Cooperative will strive to be a self-sustaining entity that is supported from several revenue sources.  Grant and equity funding may be procured for infrastructure planning and deployment, and continued operations and maintenance of facilities must be assured.  In addition, it is expected that member revenues will be able to support development of new service for additional customers.

Be a Responsible Steward of Resources

The Cooperative will strive to be a model for responsible stewardship of resources, promoting the use of high-level, safe standards in project construction and maintenance that are environmentally friendly.

Consider New and Evolving Technology

There are new, evolving options for providing natural gas service, such as “virtual pipelines” whereby natural gas can be delivered customers in “gas island” locations not connected to an existing pipeline network.  The Cooperative will seek to identify and implement new and evolving technological solutions for implementing natural gas service where and when appropriate.

SEDA-COG Natural Gas Cooperative, Inc.

Providing Pennsylvania Natural Gas to Pennsylvanians

The SEDA-COG Natural Gas Cooperative is an             Equal Opportunity Employer and Service Provider

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