Why Should I Convert to Natural Gas?

Our goal is to help businesses and neighborhoods gain better access to Pennsylvania's natural gas because it's less expensive and cleaner - plus, it's local and can create local jobs. Download our PDF

It Saves You Money.

Natural Gas prices are consistently 

cost-effective and stable.

Natural gas costs about 40 percent less compared to heating oil and over 50 percent less compared to propane – and savings are predicted by the U.S. government to continue. (This is the average for U.S. residential users.)

Source: EIA Short-Term Energy Outlook, October 2016

Bar graph showing the U.S. average residential winter heating fuel prices between natural gas, heating oil and propane.

What will my annual residential savings be?

Using natural gas in your home can save you over $2,000 each year compared to propane and over $1,000 compared to fuel oil. Plus, energy improvements can increase your house value by up to 10 percent.

What about my business?

Businesses using natural gas can save 50 percent and more compared to heating oil.

Source: Wentzel, Barry, and Eric Burgis. Converting Your Business to Natural Gas. UGI, ESC, 24 Sept. 2013. 

How is energy used in the home?


space heating


lighting & other appliances


water heating


air conditioning



Source: U.S. Energy Information Administration, Residential Energy Consumption Survey (RECS) 2009

Pie graph showing how energy is used in the home.

Industries Can Benefit From Natural Gas.

Natural gas is very important to many industrial sectors and processes. It is prominently used in manufacturing processes including plastics, fertilizer, anti-freeze, and fabrics. Natural gas absorption systems also are being used extensively in industries to heat and cool water and for refrigeration, and natural gas desiccant systems are used for dehumidification processes. Plus, it’s a clean and inexpensive energy source.

It’s Cleaner.

Since 2008, natural gas has resulted in:


sulfur dioxide


particulate matter


nitrogen oxide

and a 27-year low in carbon dioxide emissions.

Source: Spigelmeyer, Dave. “State of the Upstream Market.” Upstream PA 2016 Conference. The Penn Stater Conference Center Hotel, State College. 1 Apr. 2016.

Are There Any Other Significant Benefits to Converting to Natural Gas?

Natural gas is delivered more efficiently with less transported energy loss as compared to electricity.

Energy improvements can increase the value of your home by up to 10 percent.

Some natural gas sources are considered to be renewable, such as gas produced from landfills.

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